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Custom Cakes are priced from $6+ per serving, varying according to the complexity of your chosen design and the time invested in it's creation. The final price is determined by multiplying the price per serving by the number of servings you select. Cakes are 2 layers per tier. 3 layer cakes start at $7+ per serving.

3-D Cakes anything is possible within the limits of gravity and physics.
With your specific idea and reference materials, we will translate your concept into a 3D sugar sculpture.

For 3-D Cakes we have a $200 minimum on up to create the works of art.  Let our imagination take you to another place with these incredible works of art.   

All 3-D Cakes are created with our richest cakes all enrobed in buttercream or a rich chocolate ganache. For the finer details we will use rice crispy treats and modeling chocolate covered in fondant and enhanced with sugar paste.