Tinkerbell Birthday Cake - Cindyrella Cakes Atlanta Georgia
Tinkerbell Birthday Cake - Cindyrella Cakes Atlanta Georgia

10 inch Golden Vanilla Rum Cake- $40

10 inch All Other Rum Cake Flavors - $45
6 - 4 inch mini Bundt - $30

2 - 6 inch Bundt - $40


Minnie Mouse Cupcakes - Cindyrella Cakes Atlanta Georgia

Rum Cake Flavors

Mini - $60 for 4 Dozen

Standard - $60 for 2 Dozen

Jumbo - $45 Dozen

Specialty Cupcakes - $50 Dozen

Jar Cakes - $70 Dozen

Birthday Cake


Cookies N' Cream

 Pink Champagne

Red Velvet



White Chocolate

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Golden Vanilla Rum Cake

For those who want the original Golden Rum Cake without the extras, this moist luscious made to melt in your mouth dessert is for you.

Chocolate Lovers Rum Cake

This rich succulent Chocolate Rum Cake gives the chocolate lover the needed fulfillment.

Pecan Rum Cake

This Golden Rum Cake is baked with the pecans or the nuts of your choice, and then glazed with home-made rum glaze to enhance the taste.

Raisin Rum Cake

Soaked raisins in dark rum then added to the cake batter before baking, makes this twist to Golden Rum Cake a delight. Enjoy a burst of rum filled raisins with each bite.




Cream Cheese
Peanut butter



Rum Cake Facts

Here are some facts about the Scrumptiousness . . .
 Rum cakes freeze beautifully for about 6 months. And it’s as easy as 1,2,3 . . .
1. Wrap your rum cake in plastic, cling wrap, or wax paper for food.
2. Wrap in foil.
3. Place in the freezer where it will not be disturbed.

 Rum cakes can be slightly warmed in a microwave or at room temperature and served with (1) your favorite ice cream, (2) fruits of your choice, or (3) a beverage of your choice for an afternoon or late night snack.

 PLEASE NOTE: The alcohol evaporates during the baking of the cake, but there is rum in the glaze. Please consult your physician if you are pregnant or breastfeeding before engaging in this tantalizing indulgement.

8 INCH ROUND - $120

Tiered Cakes Start at $180

Coconut Rum Cake 

Get a blast of everything coconut. This is for a true coconut lover. The rum soaked shredded coconut adds a texture and feel that allows you to enjoy the flavor with each bite.

Pineapple Rum Cake

Infused with fresh pineapples, this sweet cake is bound to be your sinful delight.

Pina colada Rum Cake

That sweet pina colada taste has been transformed into scrumptious cake with pineapple and sweetened shredded coconut.

Chocolate Pecan Rum Cake

Get the rocky road feel with the Chocolate Rum Cake with as much Pecans as you want.